Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Irish Refugee Council

The council does great work combating racism but when it comes to regulating immigration they are horribly wrong and out of touch with the rest of the country.
Apparantly 6,000 illegals are roaming free in this country. And Justice Minister Michael McDowell has said that regardless of the cost we will track these people down and deport them. A sound view as to do this would stop illegals thinking Ireland as a soft touch.
Some of these undocumented persons could be involved in crime or be a danger to society. It makes sense to track them down.
It was TD Finian McGrath whose views the council leaped on this time. His argument is that 8,000 illegal Irish are in America and we shouldnt be ranting and raving about people in our own country when we are such an emigrant country.
Can someone explain to me what this has got to do with it? So the Americans are well in their right to track them down and deport them back home just as we will do. Some people just spout the most PC thing that comes to mind without thinking whether it means anything or not. Luckily most people can see right through them.

Happy Late Birthday

I was 21 on Sunday. Bit late announcing it but there you go. This saturday coming i may be celebrating it. Better late than never!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wild West

On a recent trip to the Liffey Valley centre i realised how troubled Dublin's Westside is. Both on the bus to and from the shopping centre i witnessed drug abuse.
On one occasion a mother had her child with her as she shared a couple of lines of charlie. She then had the cheek of complaining she hasnt got enough money for her son's birthday. Likely she spent her social welfare feeding her habit.
A group of schoolboys then came aboard. One of them quickly routing through this womans jacket pocket leading to her uproar. When the woman and her friend get of the bus the boys, who had ripped up a couple of the seats, flung a section out the window hitting her on the head. The thrower resisting his friends chants to aim for the child.
On both journeys any woman with a child repeatedly roared at him/her to shut up while she engaged in drug use. It made me think what sort of homelife these children have and what type of people they may become as a result.
When not having to listen to the mayhem on the bus i tried window gazing to take my mind of things. Not much luck here. Nearly every wall was vandalised and many had scorch marks from arson attempts. Rubbish strewed across parkways and greens and houses were literally falling apart and or abandoned in some patches.
Children growing up in these hellholes have an awful handicap to overcome to achieve anything in life and many will turn out like their parents. Then they will have children of their own at an impossibly young age and treat them as they themselves were treated.
The cycle goes on and on and its up to local communities to fight to reclaim their lives from the minority of westsiders trying to destroy it. And i wish them well in trying to achieve it. But i fear they are fighting a losing battle.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My 1st Election

A few days ago Iraqs came out in their 60%'s and voted in what for many was their first true vote.
Compare that day with the same day three years before. A full year before the Coalition liberated them. Instead of standing in queues choosing their leader they were at risk of being taken away in the middle of the night. Their only crime to say something untoward about Saddam Huessin. Their future bleak.
Now they are not at danger from the state but from fellow Iraqi's and foreign fighters who hate what democracy stands for. Despite being bombed and shot at the people stayed with the task.
It brings up sad thoughts of ourselves. Many of us unwilling to vote. Almost as though we take it for granted. Perhaps seeing these events unfold in Iraq might remind us about the price and the honour we all have on us being free.
I pray that the right thinking people of Iraq can hold strong and defeat terrorism in their country. When that is complete terrorism will be dealt a serious blow and freedom can breath a little easier.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Bad man

OK like i thought i abandoned my blog. Should have seen it coming. Ive made a new commitment to myself to actually write something here again! So if somethings makes me think or raise an eyebrow from now on in. Im on it.
Ive applied for college literally a few hours ago. If i get my first choice i will travel to Maynooth College to study Geography. Mind i have to do arts subjects in the first year.
Id love a college in Dublin that will do Geography and nothing but. Just a degree in geography! I dont wanna do anything else i wanna just do geography! Ok ive made my point.

Monday, September 27, 2004

No TV!

My television is broken. It just stopped working. Have to fork out the euros to get the thing fixed. Made me realise one thing. I cant live without television. Id be so bored!

Civic Duty

Random violence on the street. Underage sex. Binge drinking. Drugs.
All these things are on the rise in Ireland especially in poor and disadvantaged areas.
It seems that there is a lack of morals and empathy towards others in todays society. As the Catholic Church loses its influence it seems nothing is holding back todays youth in their activities.
The new godless generation arent scared into compliance like they once were. And many take their home problems out on oters around them.
A moral vacuum has been created with the fall of religion. And this vacuum must be filled in order to help future generations become more forgiving. And this filler should be civic duty.
We should target children in their early school years and through their entire education. There should be a certain part of each school day set aside for a civics class.
Of course i hear you say we already have such things. But these are generally seen as an oppurtunity to doss rather than to learn.
Many times in secondary school inexperienced teachers thought the subject. I remember in my own class my physics teacher was the civics teacher.
We should spend less time teaching religion and more time teaching civic duty. perhaps even we could put civics as a leaving cert subject to make it more important.
The civics class could include lessons about government and the enviorment. It should teach how to be tolerant and respectful to others. It could bring in people to give talks to the students. About the impact of littering on society. The dangers of drink and drugs. The victims of crime telling their story. Racism victims tell of their torture. How underage sex can affect those who undertake in it and the many dangers involved in it. And in general get across that every action has a consequence and every consequence will force responsibility onto the doer of that action.
It could get across the notion of respect,not through fear or commiting vile acts, but through hard work and achievement.
In many inner city communities their can seem to be a lack of aspiration. People feel stuck in a rut. They feel they cant improve on their situation. The civics class could get the young of the communities thinking about education and stable jobs. About how the most respected people are those who try their best and dont hurt others. about how life can be improved by staying away from crime drinks and drugs. Learn how to set up sports clubs and share hobbies. The list goes on and on.
If we can get into everyone that anything is possible if you try and if you stay respectful of yourself and others you can live a healty satisfying life.
If we can get them young we might stand a chance.

Friday, September 24, 2004

R Word

Watch out what you say. You could become a racist.
They say ignorance spreads racism and they're very true. So why cant someone express their misgivings about immigration without being labelled a racist? Surely having these discussions will help reduce the ignorance?
In the recent citizenship referendum why did the 'do gooder' groups and lefty loons wave off the result that a majority of Ireland must be racist. Saying that is an insult to most Irish people. A small minority are racist in this country yet these people dont seem to realise this. Being for reduced immigration doesnt make anyone a racist.
Anti-racism groups should spent more time battling street racism that many people suffer today rather than worrying about immigration which is up to government policy.
More funds should be introduced to battle racism and tougher penalties should go to those convicted of any attack that is racially motivated.
Yet at the same time immigration levels should be reduced. Micheal Howard of the conservatives in the UK has recently made a plan that would cut immigration levels yet at the same time make sure the most vunerable are accepted. His idea is based on the Australian model which is a points system for all immigration seekers. The system takes into consideration the age,work skill, country of origion and what sort of immigration they are applying for. Ireland should start looking at a similar system to more thoughtfully create a multi-cultural society rather than the speeded up version we have witnessed in recent years.
Already since the new citizenship plans were approved the number of asylum seekers have reduced. Suddenly Ireland is not an easy touch for immigrants trying to get into Europe.
And with a slower growing ethnic community in Ireland we can take better care of them and fight true racists.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


On Sunday last i won 100 Euro at the bookies. Yet all this does is nearly make up for all the money i lost at them over the last few months. You cant beat the bookies they say. Im thinking they are true.
But recently ive been doing better at picking horses. Ive improved dramatically. So tomorrow on my day of work im going to try win a second time at the bookies. If i win ill write about it. If you never hear about it again then it will mean the bookie won again and ill give it up for good.
I promise.