Friday, September 24, 2004

R Word

Watch out what you say. You could become a racist.
They say ignorance spreads racism and they're very true. So why cant someone express their misgivings about immigration without being labelled a racist? Surely having these discussions will help reduce the ignorance?
In the recent citizenship referendum why did the 'do gooder' groups and lefty loons wave off the result that a majority of Ireland must be racist. Saying that is an insult to most Irish people. A small minority are racist in this country yet these people dont seem to realise this. Being for reduced immigration doesnt make anyone a racist.
Anti-racism groups should spent more time battling street racism that many people suffer today rather than worrying about immigration which is up to government policy.
More funds should be introduced to battle racism and tougher penalties should go to those convicted of any attack that is racially motivated.
Yet at the same time immigration levels should be reduced. Micheal Howard of the conservatives in the UK has recently made a plan that would cut immigration levels yet at the same time make sure the most vunerable are accepted. His idea is based on the Australian model which is a points system for all immigration seekers. The system takes into consideration the age,work skill, country of origion and what sort of immigration they are applying for. Ireland should start looking at a similar system to more thoughtfully create a multi-cultural society rather than the speeded up version we have witnessed in recent years.
Already since the new citizenship plans were approved the number of asylum seekers have reduced. Suddenly Ireland is not an easy touch for immigrants trying to get into Europe.
And with a slower growing ethnic community in Ireland we can take better care of them and fight true racists.


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