Monday, September 06, 2004

Russian school tragedy

When i watched footage of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters burying their loved ones in Beslan i could barely hold the tears in my eyes. This act of evil has really affected me.
Children are our most precious thing in the world. And to think that their first day at school, a moment every child remembers, can be ruined by butchers and madmen.
Just thinking of the terror they went through. The rape and murders they saw and suffered. Everything. Its just digusting.
Since when has the freedom of Chechnya got anything to do with plundering children. Knifing them shooting them raping them?
The men who did this are evil beyond belief and cannot be negotiated with. Vladimir Putin, George Bush and other world leaders know that these terrorists know only one tactic. Violence. And only one thing will stop them.
We must root out terrorists and monsters in every part of the world. No matter where they are or where they hide they must know that you cant get away. They learned this in Iraq and Afghainistan. And we cant stop now. The battle goes on. And next time you might go on an anti-war march just think of your children.
Are we to sit back and let these brutes hide out in the likes of Iran, Syria or Chechnya? Waiting to strike again and again their only goal the destruction of the west? OR will we stand up to them and seek them out and capture or kill them? Bring down the people who finance and harbour them and we can make this world safer for us all.
Remember the children of Beslan in your thoughts and prayers. God bless their souls.


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