Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My 1st Election

A few days ago Iraqs came out in their 60%'s and voted in what for many was their first true vote.
Compare that day with the same day three years before. A full year before the Coalition liberated them. Instead of standing in queues choosing their leader they were at risk of being taken away in the middle of the night. Their only crime to say something untoward about Saddam Huessin. Their future bleak.
Now they are not at danger from the state but from fellow Iraqi's and foreign fighters who hate what democracy stands for. Despite being bombed and shot at the people stayed with the task.
It brings up sad thoughts of ourselves. Many of us unwilling to vote. Almost as though we take it for granted. Perhaps seeing these events unfold in Iraq might remind us about the price and the honour we all have on us being free.
I pray that the right thinking people of Iraq can hold strong and defeat terrorism in their country. When that is complete terrorism will be dealt a serious blow and freedom can breath a little easier.


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